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Mission, Vision, and Beliefs


Learn, grow,succeed, be the best that WE can be!


The Northeastern Clinton Central School District will create an effective school environment where all students are life-long learners, reach their maximum potential, and are prepared to excel in a complex,interconnected, ever-changing world.


The Northeastern Clinton Central School District will move from a Good to Great School by:

  1. Setting high expectations and accountability for all staff, students, parents and members of our community.
  2. Creating a culture of mutual respect, trust, honest communication, and transparency.
  3. Understanding that all communities within our District share the responsibility for our children’s future.
  4. Supporting both the academic achievement and personal growth of every learner.
  5. Believing that we are providing “The Best School in the World” for our students to communicate, collaborate, think critically and demonstrate creativity.
  6. Providing a positive environment for students to learn, experience success, graduate and plan for their future.